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While growing cannabis most of the time fortunately doesn’t require rocket science, it’s a simple fact that first-class bud normally doesn’t grow on its own.

To get the most out of your grow and to be able to look forward to good harvests and help keep growing troubles in check, you can take advantage of our growing products that help you get the best out of your growing endeavour.

At Zambeza Seeds we offer a whole range of helpful growing products so you can keep your precious crops happy and healthy from the moment you plant your seed. With our selection of cannabis supplements and growing aids that you can find here at Zambeza you can watch your plants thrive and have them reward you with some first-class bud in no time

Zambeza's tools for the grower, beginner or advanced: Boost your plants.

Growing cannabis can be simplified to the old Acme saying: "Just add water", but that will not guarantee you the best quality or a hassle-free grow and harvest. Zambeza has a couple of tools for the growers on offer, for beginning growers, as well as the more advanced grower.


Every cannabis plant starts as a seed, that needs to be germinated to start growing into a young seedling. To help you make sure you give your plants the best germinating conditions we offer the Zambeza Seedkit. The seed kit contains the Zambeza Supermix, a special mix of soil, that just needs to be soaked with lukewarm water and drained afterwards to be ready for use. After you have soaked the soil, poke little holes, that are around 5 to 10 millimetres deep, into the Zambeza Seedkit and plant a cannabis seed separately in each pot. After roughly 5 days to a week the seedlings should start to pop up from the soil. Do not get impatient and start digging them up, you will end up damaging the seedlings and hurting the germination process.


For even more control over the germination conditions, the Micro Propagator can be added; a more stable temperature and humidity should give you the best chances of germination of your cannabis seeds. The Micro Propagator comes equipped with a thermometer strip to help you keep control over the temperature. The LED lighting stays a lot cooler than regular lighting and this makes sure that your seedlings do not get too hot or dry out. It also contains a bag of perlite to keep the humidity in the Micro Propagator constant. Put a layer of this perlite on the bottom of the Micro Propagator and mix it with about 25 millilitres of water for best results; the perlite will stay moist and keep the humidity levels where they need to be. There is even the option to get the Zambeza Seedkit and the Micro Propagator in one order, just pick the Micro Propagator Plus option as this contains both.


Germinating your seeds is only the start of the whole operation, it might even be the easy part. After they have popped up from the ground, your cannabis seedlings will need light and water to grow. For even better results most growers add additional nutrients to boost the performance of their plants. There are several ways of adding these nutrients to your plants, but at Zambeza we’ve chosen the Vertafort pellets.


The regular Vertafort takes care of all your plants nutritional needs for the next 10 to 12 weeks, just make sure to add 50 to 100 grams of Vertafort pellets to your growing medium and make sure to keep your young cannabis plants hydrated. The regular Vertafort pellets are more of an allround fertilizer. This fertilizer can be used from seed to harvest, although we advise to stop using nutrients at least two weeks before harvesting your cannabis plants to make sure, that they are properly flushed and no nutrients are left in the buds, that could eventually ruin the taste.


All cannabis plants go through a vegetative and a flowering phase and there are specific nutritional tablets to serve the needs for those two phases. When your young plants are big enough to go into their vegetative phase, you can start adding the Vertafort Growth Booster Tablet to your water and feed this to your plants. One tablet is about 3 grams, which should be enough to add nutrients to 3 to 5 litres of water. This mixture of water and nutrients can be saved and used for almost a week before a new mix must be made. The Vertafort Growth Booster Tablet helps your plant grow faster, bigger and grow stronger roots. The better its root system is developed, the more nutrients your cannabis plant can uptake and process, before it will start to build up a nutrient burn. Also, stronger roots and healthy leaves will make the ultimate size and quality of your harvest a lot better.


When your cannabis plants have grown to their mature size and have pre-flowered, it would be time to change the photoperiod (the amount of light hours your plant receives each day) to a 12 hours light and 12 hours dark period to make it go into the flowering phase. It will then start to form buds, that will be your harvest ultimately. Keep providing Vertafort Growth Booster Tablet and water mixture until you actually see the buds forming. For the flowering phase there is also a specific nutrient solution: The Vertafort Bloom Booster Tablet. This tablet helps your cannabis plant to grow more and bigger buds by adding the nutrients your plants need, because they need different nutrients than they would in the vegetative phase. The Vertafort Bloom Booster Tablet is about 5 grams, which should be enough to have it dissolved in 5 to 8 litres of plain water. This solution can be stored and used for up to ten days. After ten days a new and fresh mix of the Vertafort Bloom Booster Tablet and plain water must be made to ensure that it still has all the nutrients your plants need.


And then there is the Vertafort Tablets Mix Pack, that combines both nutritional tablets in one package for ease of use. It comes in two editions: There is the 3-pack, which contains two Vertafort Bloom Tablets and one Vertafort Growth Tablet or there is the 5-pack, that contains 2 Vertafort Growth Tablets and three Vertafort Bloom Tablets. Please remember however, that overfeeding your cannabis plants is harmful to your harvest, so do not feed them nutrients in excess.