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Autoflowering seeds are the perfect for anyone looking for a fast turnaround or an easy and resilient grow. Unlike traditional cannabis seeds, autoflowering cannabis seeds flower with age rather than changing light cycles. This means it is possible to obtain a harvest in a matter of months, allowing for multiple grows a year. The fastest can go from seed to harvest in just 55 days!

Due to the fast and resilient nature of autoflowering cannabis strains, they are also an excellent choice for guerrilla growers looking for a hands off yet rapid grow.

Below you will find all of our autoflowering cannabis seeds here at Zambeza, all of which are feminized – guaranteeing female plants!

Autoflowering Cannabis Seeds - The Best Quality Cannabis Seeds

Autoflowering seeds produce the fastest growing cannabis plants on the market - in more ways than one. Zambeza Seeds autoflowering cannabis seeds are 100% feminized. This makes Zambeza autoflowers the home growers express ticket to a dank stash in record time.

Moreover, Zambeza Seeds have got a vast selection of autoflowering strains to choose from. All kinds of autoflowering cannabis seeds in fact. From unique original hybrids to autoflowering versions of your favourite photoperiod varieties. Autoflowering feminized seeds for every kind of grower are featured in the Zambeza Seeds autoflowering collection.


Autoflowering cannabis does not transition from vegetative growth to bloom like photoperiodic strains. Autoflowers will begin to flower based on their age, instead of reduction in hours of light like photoperiodic cannabis. Typically most autoflowering marijuana will enter the bloom phase after 30 days or less. This is precisely why it’s so important to invest in 100% feminized autoflowering seeds. Rogue male pollen sacs bursting within weeks of beginning the grow is not the best way to get started. Even worse, male plants are a direct threat to your ability to crop exquisite sinsemilla in quantity.

Cultivating autoflowering cannabis is akin to ganja farming in fast forward. There really is no time for mistakes and unforced errors. Bunk genetics must be avoided at all costs. Indoors the 18/6 light schedule is optimal for the whole autoflowering cannabis lifecycle, which lasts usually just 2, maybe 3 months tops. Outdoors hardy ruderalis genetics and the ability to flower independent of the photoperiod allows for multiple harvests per year. With Zambeza Seeds' high-grade autoflowering feminized seeds you can be confident that you have got the best possible autoflowering cannabis genetics in the grow op.


Zambeza Seeds feminized autoflowering seeds are ideally suited to beginner growers. However, veteran growers and commercial growers alike will also find our autoflowers appealing. Autoflowers are the fast lane to a fat recreational stash or medicinal self-sufficiency, depending on each grower’s personal requirements.

We can’t make the final choice of precisely which feminized autoflowering seeds to sow for you. But we can definitely help. Let us fill you in on 5 of our most desirable autoflowering cannabis strains, that are not only 100% feminized. They're also 100% worthy of a spot in your grow op.


For those new to cannabis cultivation or perhaps even new to cannabis consumption, Zambeza Seeds have got just the autoflowering strain for you. Big Bud XXL Autoflowering is the perfect introduction to the Kush family. Hybridising the hottest strain in the game right now, OG Kush, with robust ruderalis genetics produced a more beginner friendly Kush. If the devastating potency of OG Kush is too overwhelming, but you’re still looking for a flavoursome Kush smoke, Big Bud XXL Autoflowering is the obvious choice. Medium THC levels of 13% make for a more mellow effect.

Often inexperienced growers have trouble finetuning the grow op to the nuances of popular top-shelf photoperiodic cannabis strains. Usually, the first few crops are marginally successful at best. Until the grower gains sufficient hands-on growing experience and figures out how to dial in the grow op, results will be lacking.

Big Bud XXL Autoflowering is a game changer in this respect. With these easy to grow and highly productive feminized autoflowering seeds in the cannabis garden newbies can get it right first time. The more experienced grower can expect mouth-watering yields of delicious daytime Kush.

Indoors Big Bud XXL Autoflowering is made for the SOG method. Plants grow to 80-100cm and explode with flowers to finish in just 55-65 days post germination. Similarly, outdoors this plant rarely exceeds 150cm and is a great choice for balcony growers with limited time and space to crop a fat stash.


If you are a fan of the Dutch coffee shop legend White Widow, then you have got to try the White Widow XL Autoflowering. This uber resinous ruderalis hybrid of the "ice queen" of the Zambeza catalogue is irresistible. White Widow XL blended with autoflowering genetics is quite possibly the fastest Widow on the market. In just 70-85 days after germination, this sativa-dominant autoflowering cannabis is ready for harvest.

As you would expect, plants are squat, branchy and absolutely frosted over with trichomes. Heights of 80-110cm are common indoors and just a shade taller plants at 120cm can be cropped outdoors. White Widow XL Autoflowering possesses that trademark Widow high, that gets one stoned gradually and then suddenly. The initial uplifting wave rolls back pretty swiftly. Before you know it this delightful autoflowering strains tranquilizing effects will wash over you.

Beginner growers or growers looking for some Widow bud in a hurry, the White Widow XL Autoflowering is the strain for you. Light to medium doses of nutrients and a SOG setup can really deliver outstanding results. No more patiently waiting for knockout Widow weed with White Widow XL Autoflowering seeds in the cannabis garden. You could be blazing cured stash by the time a photoperiodic Widow is midway through the bloom phase. Highly recommended to all heavy indica lovers.


For all the growers searching for a blast from the past. Allow us to introduce the Power Plant XL Autoflowering. Travel back to the future with this fantastic feminized next generation autoflowering hybrid exuding old school charm. Power Plant XL Autoflowering is the progeny of the enormously productive and flavoursome Power Plant XL crossed with stocky super fast flowering ruderalis genetics.

In as little as 55 days total crop time the Power Plant XL Autoflowering can deliver a lush harvest of aromatic skunky sweet classic cannabis. Plants exhibit mostly indica characteristics with their compact branchy stature. In contrast, the high is more sativa influenced. Effects are a pleasant blend of a happy, dreamy cerebral high and a mild body stoned.

Approximately 1m tall, rapidly developing cannabis bushes can be cultivated with ease indoors or outdoors. Budding is less dense than heavy indica hybrids and less susceptible to mold in cooler conditions. The Power Plant XL Autoflowering is low profile and low maintenance, but definitely not low-grade. Make no mistake, this is connoisseur-grade marijuana with THC levels of 15%+.


What separates an ordinary decent autoflowering strain from a super auto? Zambeza Seeds answer is the Super Silver Haze Autoflowering. Photoperiod Haze varieties like the Super Silver Haze are elite sativa hybrids better suited to more experienced marijuana growers. SSH is undoubtedly an amazing strain and hybridising her with ruderalis was really a no brainer. The Super Silver Haze Autoflowering packs in that same wonderful soaring cerebral high and bountiful harvest into a more compact express cannabis package.

A true Super Auto is so high performance in the grow op that it can equal, if not exceed, photoperiod cannabis standards. With 17 % THC levels, 50g per plant average yields indoors, and twice that or more outdoors makes the Super Silver Haze Autoflowering too good to resist.

Stretching and the long flowering period of traditional Haze strains are major disadvantages. By solving both of these nagging problems, Super Silver Haze Autoflowering truly is in a class of its own. In just 70-85 days complete growing time, you can treat yourself to some smooth smoking, spicy and citrus fragranced, top-shelf head stash.


When it comes to uplifting energetic highs, the Dutch Coffeeshop legend Amnesia Haze simply cannot be beaten. Zambeza Seeds couldn’t resist the opportunity to breed the Amnesia Haze XL with ruderalis genetics to create the Amnesia Haze XL Autoflowering. Now for the first time, huge harvests of Europe’s premier head stash can be cropped in just 70-85 total cultivation time. You didn’t miss read that last sentence. Yes, we really are talking about 100% feminized autoflowering seeds of the highest calibre that can race from seed to harvest in about 11 weeks.

Not only has the long flowering period been kerbed, but this auto hybrid is also low profile and an ideal stealth strain. Roughly 1m tall well-branched plants are typical indoors, or outside in decent sunshine. In larger containers, yields can be real scale tippers. SOG indoors for max yield and outdoors large containers can produce impressive dense bud-laden marijuana bushes.

If you simply don’t have the patience for conventional Haze varieties but still yearn for a primo sativa, 21st-century feminized auto hybrids are the answer to your prayers. Amnesia Haze XL Autoflowering will touch THC levels of 16%+ and take you to the moon in half the time it takes to crop the original.