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Starter Pack 2 (6-10 plants)

If you're looking to enjoy a medium scale grow operation then our Grower's Starter Pack will get between 6 and 10 of your plants off to a great start and help to keep them happy through to flower. We've got you covered with all the essentials: - Micro Propagator Plus - 2x Vertafort 100g - 1x Vertafort Growth Booster Tablets - 2x Vertafort Booster Tablets Mix Pack (Tablets: 5)

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From Seed to Flower, Our Grower's Starter Pack Will Give Your Grow-Op the Boost it Needs

We are now selling bundle packs that contain everything you need to get started with a grow, from seed to harvest, it's got everything you need for healthy results. If you're looking to grow between 6-10 plants then this bundle is just the thing you need, here are its contents:

This bundle pack contains:

1x Micro Propagator Plus

Germinate your seeds without any trouble with this easy Zambeza Micro Propagator Plus germination kit. This kit regulates best environmental conditions for optimal growth with an LED grow light and thermometer strip, plus a bag of perlite. The propagator measures 13x10x13cm. Ideal for beginners and small grow-ops, also suitable for clones.

Also includes the Zambeza seed kit which contains 15 easy germination pots and everything you need to get your seeds off to a great start and fits in neatly into the Micro Propagator.

2x Vertafort 100g

Vertafort is filled with time-release technology which takes away the need for complex nutrient schedules. Vertafort will release feeds for your plant and keep them strong and healthy for 10-12 weeks. It is an entirely organic and natural nutritional system which can boost the growth rate of your plants in a highly efficient and simple way. It can't be simpler: mix Vertafort into your substrate and watch your healthy plant grow!

2x Vertafort Booster Tablets Mix Pack (Tablets:5)

Vertafort Booster Tablets Mix Pack is an integrated set of boosters. Its growth and flowering formulas are designed to provide all macro and microelements plants need to stay healthy up to a rich harvest. Start with the Growth Booster for an optimal nutrient intake all over the vegetative phase. Then water your plants with the Bloom Booster mix for maximizing buds density in the flowering phase.

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